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Lagos State University, Ojo.


+234 9121350068

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    Our objective

    Our ambition is to ensure all autistic children and young people can learn, thrive and achieve and lead fulfilling lives.


    We educate

    We raise funds to support autistic children.

    We create awareness via our campaigns

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    Help support our educative programs, targeted campaigns, standard treatment and therapy, and extensive research designed to address austism issues.

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    We are creating awareness for Autism globally most especially Nigeria through education and care homes.

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    BigHearts is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. We help nonprofits from Afghanistanworld
    Fund Assistance

    Assistance to our Foundations is Help to autisic children

    We Use Donations to Help Children living with Austism

    We Use Donations to build safe haven for people with autism

    Giving Help Fund


    Giving Help Fund


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